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Which documents have you to send us for your file ?

In all cases

  • the project of act or preliminary sales agreement
  • the purchase deed, French act of inheritance or act of donation
  • the sale costs paid by the seller (agency fees...)
  • the legal fees paid to the Notary and to the French Treasory (necessary for legal entities) for the purchase,
  • the work invoices and bank statement proving payment
  • the precise list and the value of each piece of furniture included in the selling price and their proof of value (invoices, authenticated inventory or inventory made by an appraiser)

For private individuals who wish to benefit from an exemption for the first sale due to normal residency in France

  • a copy of passport
  • two consecutive income tax notices issued by a French Tax
  • The two lastest council tax bills,
  • The phone or the electricity invoices (in France) for the year of the sale and the year before the sale since January 1st,
  • the enclosed certificate dated and signed by the seller (model of certificate)

Model of certificate

For legal entities (non european)

  • the legal fees paid to the Notary and to the French Treasory for the purchase
  • a copy of the tax return n°2746 for the year of the sale ( Form n°2746) and the Tax authorities'acknowlegement receipt.
  • a document specifying the name, the address of the partners/shareholders and the number of shares held by each of them on January 1st, 2007.

Special case

For special files like the sale of shares, we will ask you for further/additional documents, so don't hesitate to contact us directly.