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Who is Accrediteco ?

We are a private company who specializes in tax representation.

We have a permanent authorization in France, delivered by the French Tax Administration, since 2000.

We offer a personalised service for non-resident home sellers and Notary's office.

Our lawyers assist you with any questions you may have about your capital gain tax and the tax representative.

Accrediteco has acquired a wealth of experience and has developped an appropriate and competitive service.

Tax representative's fees are deductible from the capital gain. They are calculated on the selling price and adjusted according to the nature of the file.

Our mission

We draw up and sign the tax form.

We guarantee the recovery of payment of any capital gain tax for the period during which the French Tax Administration may check the tax calculation (about 4 years maximum : since the year of the sale to the end of the third year following the year of the sale)

If the seller is a legal entity, we guarantee too the payment of the annual tax of 3% (art. 990 F french taxe code)

General Code of Taxation

Art. 171 quater annexe II of French Tax CodeArt. 244 bis A of French Tax CodeArt. 990 F of French Tax Code